Hannah Bearden

Hannah Bearden was raised by sailors. She was the only child of a commercial fisherman, and spent many years in solitude on the ocean, where she began to develop a world of her own. Her only friends were her artwork and the few sea creatures that didn't die as quickly as the others.
Many years passed and she obtained a BFA in sculpture at California State University, Chico. Bearden studied at the Haystack Mountain School of Craft, and later was employed by an architectural stained glass artist. She was then granted Residency at Earthskin Creative Arts in Muriwai, New Zealand. After traveling the Oceanic region via motorcycle, Bearden began residing in the Pacific Northwest, where she founded Cactus Legs line of quirky artwork and kitsch. She enjoys kicking the world in the behind and making artwork along the way.

Follow Hannah's artwork on instagram @cactus_legs